In the modern workplace, where the average office worker juggles a staggering number of emails—sending around 40 and reading approximately 121 every day—finding ways to stay healthy and energized is essential. Amidst the constant barrage of digital communication, it's easy to become sedentary, glued to our screens for hours on end.

Starting the day off right is vital to creating lasting habits throughout the day, so, let's turn those email sessions, long calls, Zoom meetings, and seemingly endless hours at our disks into opportunities to move our bodies revitalize our minds, and excel in both work and wellness.

The Daily Five exercises are the core workout of the Office Gym Portable Fitness System. Five exercises that target the key areas of our bodies that most dramatically impact what we present to the world, how we move, and how we feel. 

They are designed to be done in this order, every morning, starting when you first sit down at your desk. 

Begin with one arm or leg, do the reps, switch hands, do the reps. 

That's one set. 



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