User Manual and Exercise Chart



1. Attach tubes with nylon ends, without resistance labels, to one ring on the anchor strap. Velcro strap with two stainless rings.

2. Attach other ends, with resistance labels, to padded handle.

3. Attach tubes without resistance labels to other ring on anchor strap.

4. Attach other ends to padded ankle strap

5. Attach anchor strap to anchor (chair, desk, pole, exercise machine frame, playground equipment, etc)

6. (Optionally) Attach the unpadded storage strap to the anchor. 



Always store your Office Gym in a cool, dry and shaded location. Direct sunlight the tubing and potentially dry them out, causing them to become brittle. Latex tubes may, over time, take on a grey appearance. This is ok and does not impact the flexibility or resistance of the tubes.

Do not overstretch the tubes as this may cause micro-tears which can eventually lead to larger tears and breakage.




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