What People Are Saying...

  • "The workout is insanely good for being at my desk! I've mostly worked upper body and the resistance is amazing." - Brandon N., Omaha, NE

  • "I do mostly isometric movements and I love them! I walk away from work every day feeling the burn!" - Jess S., Omaha, NE

  • "The Office Gym System makes working out at home a dream! I hit all the exercises I'd normally do in the gym without missing a beat! I love it!" - Tim L., Omaha, NE>

  • "I use the Office Gym System for physical therapy for my shoulder. It works really well anywhere because I can easily hook it to so many things. It allows me to do my PT more regularly than I would if I had to go in to the PT office every time. I'm rehabbing fast so it was worth every penny!" - Gary B., Omaha, NE

  • "It's totally inconspicuous at work. I use it when I'm on a conference call and no one knows. I use it while reading and mousing and anyone who sees me only wants one!" - Barb C., Lincoln, NE

  • "I was the first in my office to buy an Office Gym and after seeing me use it at my desk several of my co-workers bought one. We now have a workout group!" - Paul J., Atlanta, GA

  • "I gave one to my mom and she loves it." - Traci J., Sacramento, CA

  • "I love being able to customize the Office Gym System. When I'm at home I use two arm and two leg sets and a separate arm set in the curl configuration to blast through my whole body workout in about 30 minutes. It is awesome and easy!" - Leron A., Boston, MA

  • "I love it! I bought 2 for myself and a workout buddy at the call center and we challenge each other throughout the day." - Jeremy S., Phoenix, AZ

  • "I'm in a wheelchair and I was skeptical about the Office Gym System because other resistance bands and tubes haven't really worked for me very well. I bought the Office Gym and with a little help was able to attach it to the back of my chair and that was it. I don't have to move it and I'm able to do many press, raise, curl and even some row exercises. I'm even thinking about getting another arm set to attach to my lift frame so I can do some pulldowns. Thanks you for this!" - Travis E., Trenton, NJ

  • "I like how small and easy it is to put away. There is an adequate amount of tubes covering a good range of resistance. The materials feel really solid. I never worried about anything ripping or breaking. Shoulder presses and side lateral raises have been my favorite exercises with this so far." - Kendrell H., Omaha, NE

  • "There are three on my floor at the call center where I work. We all push each other to get in as many sets as we can when we have a few minutes during the day and we also workout together on our breaks! It's awesome! We've only had them for about 3 weeks and we all feel better already!" - Sara P., Sacramento, CA

  • "I love the product. I work at a desk for radiation oncology. I love being able to work out in between patients. I bring it home at night. Hook it up to a chair and then my husband and my 14 year old daughter uses it. Thank you for inventing this and helping keep people healthy by being able to work out at home.  By boss even likes it. Told the whole office and my other friends that work at offices that they need to get this. No complaints from me. Just high praise. Thank you again for helping me get in better shape for myself and my family." - Heather H., Omaha, NE

  • "This product is nice and simple. I use it for shoulder exercises during the day. It only takes a few minutes a day to feel better and get a quick workout while on the job." - Scott P., Omaha, NE (5 star Google review)

  • "The work/life balance can be difficult to navigate. With the Office Gym, I’ve been able to add my physical wellness to this dynamic. The setup is easy and the exercises are perfect for those of us who sit at a desk all day. I love being able to have a fitness routine right at my own desk and I feel great physically and mentally throughout my work day. I highly recommend the Travel Gym to any of my fellow office personnel!" - Gina C., Omaha, NE (5 star Google review)

  • "The Office Gym has truly been a life saver! With three little kids at home and all different schedules, I don't have much time to get a work out in for myself. The Office Gym has allowed me to focus on me while at work and stay in shape and get great exercise in. I broke my tailbone several years ago and was told that I may be on painkillers for the rest of my life and would have to deal with the back pain daily. I refused to take the medication suggestion. I began using the Office Gym and have since noticed that I have full range, agility, and minimal daily pain all due to using the equipment and continuing to move my body in healthy ways that Office Gym has allowed! It has changed my life and I am so grateful to have such a convenient product that I can utilize while at my desk job! I recommend it to everyone - you will notice great improvements and health benefits!" - Jaclyn W., Omaha, NE (5 star Google review)

  • "If you want a convenient way to get in a workout while sitting/standing at your desk working, the Office Gym is what you need! Set up is super easy and within just a couple minutes you are ready to start your resistance training at the comfort of your own office chair. The Office Gym makes moving from one exercise to another seamless as you can change out the resistance bands in seconds. I highly recommend the Office Gym for anyone as it would work for all fitness levels, beginners all the way up to the more advanced exerciser!" - Michele B., Omaha, NE (5 star Google review)

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